Some of the C’mell Aroma Fragrance Compounds are intended to be used as ingredients in perfume formulation. Many serve as replacements for natural material that are prohibited or expensive while others are freely inspired by nature.

Made to order Blends : Fragrance Compounds are blended according to the customers requirements.

Disclaimer :The information and recommendations contained in this compendium are to the best of our knowledge reliable. However, nothing herein is to be construed as a warranty or representation in this respect of safety in use, suitability, efficacy or otherwise, including freedom of patent infringement. Users should make their own tests for their own particular purposes. We cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage or infringement arising from the use of the information and recommendations herein.

All products respect IFRA recommendations.

Fragrance Ingredients & Compounds :

NEOSAN : Code - 996990
Data Sheet on NEOSAN CA        Code : 996990
Neosan is a synthetic sandal fragrance compound. It reproduces extremely fine,powerful rich and sweet sandalwood odor. It is a complex mixture of aroma ingredientsand natural essential oils. But does not contain Sandal Wood Oil.
Olfactive Note :  Sandalwood
Recommended Application :  Fine Fragrances, Incense
Recommended Usage :  Can be used in the same way    and same proportion as the original oil.
Use Level :  upto 20%
Appearance Colorless to pale yellow liquid.
NEOAGAR : Code - 886880
Data Sheet on NEOAGAR         Code : 886880
Neoagar is a synthetic agar fragrance compound. It is a complex powerful woody ambryresionous highly valuable ingredient that can substitute agarwood in fragranceformulations.
Olfactive Note :  Woody Ambry Resionous
Recommended Application :  Agarbathi, Oriental Attars, Fine Fragrances
Recommended Usage :  Neoagar adds sophistication and richness to range of accords including oriental Chypres and in agarbathi
Use Level :  2.5%
Appearance Dark Brown liquid.
CEEROME XT: Code - 336330
Data Sheet on CEEROME XT        Code : 336330
Ceerome acts as an excellent fixative as well as exalting the top notes. It givesan oriental character when used in chypre compositions and blends well withmusks. Enhances aroma during burning of incense.
Olfactive Note :  Floral, smells of PARIJATAK, MUGUET AND LINDENBLOSOM
Recommended Application :  Used extensively in floral compounds of Jasmine,   Orange blossom, Mogra, Chemilli, Kachi Kali, Champa
Recommended Usage :  Used also in Flora bathies for extra diffusion and as a substantive
Use Level :  20-30g in one kg, blended compound
Appearance Viscous, Golden Yellow liquid
PROSAN : Code - 226220
Data Sheet on PROSAN         Code : 226220
Prosan is a synthetic economical version of sandal fragrance. It has a powerful volume and sweet milky oodor. It does not contain sandalwood oil
Olfactive Note :  Sandalwood, heavy woody
Recommended Application :  Agarbathi, Dhoop, Fine Fragrances
Use Level :  Upto 20%
Appearance Dark Brown liquid
Rose : Code - 556550
Data Sheet on ROSE CA         Code : 556550
Rose CA is a economical rose fragrance with natural rose character..
Olfactive Note :  Rose
Recommended Application :  Agarbathi, Candles, Fine Fragrances
Recommended Usage :  Rose blends or direct use in any end product
Use Level :  upto 20%
Appearance Colorless to pale yellow liquid.
Mogra : Code - 666660
Data Sheet on MOGRA         Code : 666660
Jasmine known in India is a perfume compound, heavy sweet diffusive and indolicgiving a first impression of Jasmine in bloom.
Olfactive Note :  Jasmine
Recommended Application :  Jasmine Blends or direct use in any end product
Use Level :  upto 20%
Appearance Pale Yellow to dark red
HENNA: Code - 776770
Data Sheet on HEENA         Code : 776770
Heena is an oriental indian perfume much prized in INDIA and middle east.
Olfactive Note :  Deep rich herbal intense note.
Recommended Application :  In Indian Incense where deep, rich intense odor   is required.
Use Level :  upto 20%
Appearance Brown coloured liquid
MUD MILK 4000, Code : 8868880
Data Sheet on MUD MILK 4000     Code : 886888
Brown Liquid. base mixture of odoriferous  substances & essential oils.
Olfactive Note :  Woody, Balsamic, Resinous, Tenacious power full tonality  Similar to Halmaddi Resin. (Alianthus Malbarica).
Recommended Application :  ln Floral / Masala incense to enhance the note of Halmaddi  or to give the olfactive effect of Halmaddi in incense
Use Level :  5-10 g. with Halmaddi or 30-40 g. without Halmaddi in 1Kg. of  incense dough